Personal Potential's career consultancy provides you with:

    1. Insight into your unique talents as well as how you fit in to society in general. 

  • You will get a better picture of how you fit in to society. Additionally, you will get a better feeling of how you might develop in the future (your potential).
  • The more details you know about your profile, the more unique it will be: your distinctive power increases.
  • The thorough knowledge being obtained from your report PPA Personal, allows you to set priorities and estimate opportunities in a more natural way (self-awareness). As a consequence, you will have less difficulty making important decisions (independence).

    2. The tools you need to find the job that's right for you. 

    The multi-level personality profile described in your PPA Personal report acts as a guideline when:
  • Making a unique C.V./resume made up of:

  • Generally: 
    • Your statement of objectives
    • Your success-factors
    • Special Achievements
    • Extra-curricular activities that profile you
    • Connecting your personality profile with the job requirements and the organizational culture within your chosen field.
  • Writing a convincing cover letter that will get you the job you want
  • Giving appropriate answers to frequently asked questions during a job-interview, such as:
    • Can you describe yourself in two sentences?
    • How do you deal with your co-workers?
    • Are you an independent worker or a teamplayer?
    • What could you contribute to our company?
    • What will you be like within about five years? What will you be doing?
    • How do you plan your day?
    • How do you handle stress? Give details.
    • and many more questions...

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