Our philosophy
We at Personal Potential believe that organizations will be more successful if employees are given the opportunity to make full use of their qualities and skills and if teams and work groups are formed with a clear knowledge of the members' personalities.

Thus, on an individual basis, people should be given the independence and/or the support they need to be able to work to their maximum potential. If this is properly done, the people should also derive maximum satisfaction from what they do. People should simply do the work they like. In the organization of the future people will perform only the tasks that positively relate to their personality: the right person in the right place.

On a collective level, organizations or sub-organizations (teams or departments) will be formed on the basis of matching personalities: groups of co-working people who, although differing in personality and skills, share motivation and mindset (synchronization) in the pursuit of the company's mission. Synchronization means that all employees follow the same course: the organization's course. An accepted truism is that organizations ultimately derive their value from their people. This can only be achieved at its full potential through matching and the resulting synchronization.