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I wanted to send you a quick note to tell you I admire what you're doing with the Personal Potential Analysis. In my position as Director of Personnel, I'm responsible for renewing the positions of approximately 350 people every year, around 5% of our total staff of 7000+ employees. I've seen and interviewed quite a number of people who even though on paper they are perfectly qualified for a certain position, they fall short during our extensive and rigorous screening procedures. Usually this is due to a certain mismatch between personality, ambition, and what they say their goals are.

Even though it's against the rules of what an "objective selection procedure" is supposed to be, I've recommended to very many of these people that they take a look at your web site. I truly feel that these "rejects" from our company would be a lot happier with themselves and who they are if they would take the time to study your PPA. The couple of hour's investment in going through the steps would be well worth it if the results of the PPA were for these people what I found them to be. They'd be happier and more adjusted and be able to focus on getting exactly the right job that's best for them.


B.G.. Houston, TX

PS: I've submitted a proposal to the management board that we use the PPA as a regular part of our screening procedure. I'll be contacting you again with more details.

2.    I'm a fourth-year psychology major and thought I'd seen just about every possible combination of personality analyzer, career determinant, selection criteria guideline, you name it. One thing I had a great deal of difficulty with is that a lot of what we've studied is terribly academic. There's not a great deal of practical application to these things.

Seeing your PPA demonstrated during a seminar here at the school intrigued me. Indeed, when I took the test myself, I found that not only is this something that I can use later when I begin my own practice, this is also something that has helped me analyze my own personality a great deal. Thanks very much!

C.T. Boston, MA


I'm a senior in high school. All my friends are talking about what they want to do next year, what colleges they are applying to, what they're going to study. I hate to say it, but I'm clueless. Sometimes I tell people I'm going to study something because it sounds cool. But I have no idea if it's what I really want.

I took your test a couple of weeks ago because my counselor recommended it to me. I didn't want to at first. I thought it was another one of those "square peg, round hole" stories, you know? I want to tell you guys that I'm really happy I did take it. After I was through I realized it wasn't anything like I expected.

Even though I still haven't made a choice of what I want, at least I feel I know myself a lot better now. I don't go along with everyone else or tell somebody I've made a "career choice" just because it will impress them. For the first time I think ever in my life I have the feeling that I'm plugged in to my own true feelings about who I am and what I want to do.

J.K. Trenton, NJ


In my job, I come in contact with a lot of people who are going through a great deal of emotional pain and suffering. Not only can this be a challenging job simply looking at it as a profession, it can also lead to a great deal of personal emotional strain. Applying the results of your PPA has helped me to both have more insight into my clients as well as to be more secure and tolerant with myself. Thanks very much for a wonderful tool.

S.B. Crisis Prevention Center Counselor, Detroit, MI


Great test! Easy, well-designed interface and easy to follow directions. The email was fast and personal. Thanks.



Just to let you know: we are so enthusiastic with your PPA that we are recommending it to all potential clients. We are convinced that the more secure our starting entrepreneurs are with themselves, the higher the success rate for their businesses will be. I'll let you know after a couple of years!

L.S. Small Business Start-up Advisor, Chamber of Commerce Orange County, CA