Personal Potential guides and advices you if you are looking for the next careerstep taking into account and being aware of your Personal Potential. Three questions are related to the path we envision to lead to your professional success:
   Who do I choose and wish to be?
   How do I become my favorite character, my professional self?
   What should I do to be my professional self?
The first question focuses on analyzing and mapping your Personal Potential. Once you know your unique talents, the next two questions will be answered automatically, without any effort. Your unique talents can be found as success-factors and limitations in a multi-level personality profile, that is created by the Personal Potential Analysis (PPA).
The Personal Potential Analysis (PPA) was custom developed by a team of European university-based psychologists and labor market analysts. The PPA comprises both the questionnaire and the personality profile report, which is the PPA Personal report for private persons and the PPA Expert report for companies and recruiters.
The PPA acts as an effective career management tool for higher educated professionals: it establishes the connection between personality, work environment and labor market.
By using the PPA, you can use the same career management tool that career professionals use to give you the insight you need to be successful in your career and life choices.
Personal Potential's career consultancy  How can the PPA help me in taking my next careerstep?